Who Doesn’t Love Plants?

Even though our business focus is furnishing fine gardens with all sorts of beautiful furniture, cast stone and glazed terra-cotta containers, fountains, pillows and more, we are also garden designers and habitual plant collectors.  It is a battle to see which side of our plant brains wins and the battle is far from decided.

Since someone who regularly gives gardening seminars at our store suggested we start a garden club, we did.  Garden clubs should do something, like take field trips to learn about and buy worthy plants, primarily perennials.  We are extremely fortunate to have within an hour’s drive the fabulous Bustani Plant Farm of Steve Owen.  He cultivates and sells Oklahoma native perennials and African tropicals to fill in after the perennials do their thing.  So, we caravaned to Stillwater and beat the rain!

Our summers are most often brutally hot and dry, so having beautiful gardens takes planning and effort.  If we lived in Pennsylvania, we all would be famous gardeners!

The Plant Farm is only open on Fridays and Saturdays April through June, so we wanted to be among the first shoppers.  The array is a little overwhelming, but everyone did their best to find their newest challenge or success.A few of the new acquisitions that I do not have room for but will find some space anyway include:

Buckley's Penstemon native perennial

I’m hoping the hummingbirds will like this Penstemon; I will take cuttings of these unusual Coleus, Rose Stem and Peters Wonder, to overwinter for next year and give to other plant collectors.

Two Very Collection Worthy Coleus

This voluptuous basil is touted as being good in pesto.  I believe it and I will prove it.

Basil Bolloso Napoletano

It has rained for several days so these darlings have not yet been planted.  Hopefully tomorrow or the next day.  As we like to say,

“Garden On!”


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