Gardening in Shredsville, or Les Comiserables

Still practically speechless due to hideous hail storm this afternoon.  This morning after the nearly ever-present clouds parted, I took a picture of the first thing I saw; my fountain and little Japanese Maples glistening with water droplets in the rain dampened air within a ray of sunshine.

Sun shining on glistening leaves, birds singing, all is well.

I noticed it and expected it to remain that way pretty much for the near future.   Just a few hours later, however, it looks much worse as does everything in the 5 or 10 mile vicinity.  It was the closest thing to a hail wrapped tornado I ever want to witness. Large  hailstones.  No windows broken at my house, just ruined roof, siding, and gutters along with shredded plants.   Friend Linda Vater was caught out in the hail resulting in a totalled automobile, her moon roof and windshield shattered with her inside; she was forced to abandon her car and flee into Waterford.  In doing so, she was wounded by a hail stone to the head; no stitches, just blood and an EMSA visit.  She suggests chucking homes, buy humv’s and take to the road to find a less severe place to sip wine and garden.   (rustling sound of U.S. map unfolding)

Days later, friends and customers have come in with all sorts of damage reports.   So far 15 broken skylights is the most reported.  Another reports all windows on the north side broken and 20 pots (none purchased from Wilshire Garden Market!).   We have had no reports of any of our containers or statuary being damaged.   A few rugs have had holes pounded into them by huge hail stones.   We have had two reports of stainless steel gazing balls dented.   Everyone is eager to get something to make one part of their garden look nice again.   What has been particularly irritating is many people just finished planting, some that day, their spring gardens, annuals, perennials, and vegetables, and then within minutes of completion, it was all flattened into mush.


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