Garden Accessories Part I or the Story of Linda Fillmore’s Cottage Garden

We are impressed with customers Linda and Robert Fillmore’s garden.   Recently the Fillmore’s received the Yard of the Month award in Quail Creek; it would be difficult to top theirs.   As you stroll through their garden, you realize that you will often discover surprises, but you still experience pleasure and wonder with every discovery.    Linda has a penchant for our miniature garden cottages and she uses them very artfully.    

Marigold Rose Cottage


This newest creation has a place of honor near the entrance to the front garden.   The gold pot and surrounding plants highlight the warm colors of the Marigold Cottage hand painted with climbing roses.    

The Italian cottage with its faux tile roof.


The roof of each cottage is removable for the use of tea light candles in the evening or the storage of a pair of garden gloves and scissors for a quick deadheading or trimming.   These cottages can also be placed in the top of a large dirt filled container, landscaped with miniature evergreens and herbs for a miniature village vignette.    

Italian Cottage Version 2


This is the same cottage used in a different setting, back garden instead of front garden.  The plant materials are slightly different.     

The Irish Cottage completes a vignette.


This is a perfect example of how to use a cottage to complement a grouping of a container and a piece of statuary to create visual interest in a potentially unnoticed shady corner.    

We found Buttercup Cottage!


This has always been one of our favorite cottages.  Besides being two-story, it is a beautiful butter yellow; very charming.  Also looks great with a small pair of cuddling bunnies.    

A Toad Chapel ready for a wedding no doubt.


The grey of the Toad Chapel is beautifully contrasted by the small blue Torenia blooms, pastel pink Impatiens, in this well planted shade border.  Having an opening in the front, the toad houses or toad chapels are truly functional; toads like to keep cool and damp in the shade.   The toad that finds this is one lucky toad; it has a high ceiling, making it extra cool.     

Thus concludes Part I, Linda’s Cottage Garden, but never fear, there is more ahead in  Parts II and III.


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