Captivating Containers II

Smithsonian Morning Glory Urn with Sibu Planters


We have the most beautiful containers that can be found, planted or unplanted.   We will add images of our favorites from time to time.   The three containers shown above are large and magnificent, each in their own way.  The two Sibu planters have rustic understated elegance and their volume makes a statement in the garden.  The Smithsonian Morning Glory Urn is grand and elegantly refined; what a gorgeous focal point for an entrance.    

A Pot for Every Plant Combo


Now for a 180 degree switch, not everyone would opt for an orchid  colored pot; the pink/purple of the Sweet Potato leaves  is absolutely the color of the pink/purple of the planter.  When the Sweet Potato vine matures, this will make a colorful statement.

Glacier Blue adds a cool touch to the summer shade garden.


Glacier blue is a color not often found in garden containers.  We paired it with the variegated Peace Lily; a spot-on color echo.


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