Garden Accessories Part II or Accessorizing the Accessories

Statues or statuary can accessorize every nook and cranny of the garden; on walls and steps, under and amid plants, in and around containers.    Few people are adept at using accessories in abundance without looking cluttered.  Linda is very good at utilizing her garden to stage accessories; you know you will find a surprise every few feet, but she does it so well you still find pleasure with each discovery.   Beyond that, she combines statuary with containers artfully to make the grouping more interesting as you will see in the following Accessories Part II and Part III Containers.   We think the photos will inspire many gardeners to be more creative and free to include more quality accessories in their personal garden spaces, as well as provide planting inspiration. 

Birds on a Log Adorn a Low Wall


The statue of five birds on a log evokes a comfortable, woodland feel to the corner section of a rock retaining wall. 

St. Francis stands ready to protect fauna amid the flora.


Placed in this shade garden among the Caladiums, St. Francis will quickly acquire a mossy patina that most gardeners long for and attempt to make.   

Snuggling bunnies draw attention to ordinary Begonias.


The two containers of Begonias are the perfect contrasting backdrop for the bunnies.  Most people would allow their inhibitions to rule and limit their presentation to a single pot, but two pots and a statue are much more finished in appearance and pleasurable to find as you explore the garden. 

A fat bunny appears to be leaving its beautiful bed of flowers.


You can never have too many bunny statues; the quintessential garden companions look good everywhere.  Stone bunnies are the best bunnies because they eat hardly anything.  

Toadstools covered with moss are delightful in a shade garden.


Caladiums, Coleus, Torenia, Ferns and Impatiens are the perfect backdrop for a pair of cast stone toadstools.  They will continue to patina over time, becoming  more aged and  mossy.   Tucked into the lush array of plants, each statuary piece looks as if it has always been in Linda’s garden.


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