Containers 101

The third and largest element of garden accessories in Linda and Robert Fillmore’s garden is containers.    Their entry epitomizes what every garden design book always mentions:  mark the entry by giving it importance, making it the focal point of your home.   With multiple levels and stone pedestals, their entry is a good stage for containers and statuary; they have three planters on each side of the entry, with an opposing pair of greyhounds on the low stone wall.   There is ample room for approaching guests.   

A large stone dog welcomes guests.


Everywhere you look, there are groupings of our beautiful pots, often paired with our garden accessories.  Linda and Robert like to mix it up a little every year or so; this year, they chose some of our gorgeous blue containers with a rustic glaze 

Rustic toad and toadstool complement rustic jar.


 as well as a new combination of gold and antique jade glazed terra-cotta planters in the back garden.    Linda’s idea for blending gold and antique jade containers took form during the cold winter months; she was excited about her color palette and fortunately was able to find the perfect pots to transition from gold to jade.     

In several areas, statues were incorporated as part of the vignette with containers.   The vertical lines of the art deco maiden’s dress echo the falling glazes of the containers, adding to the unity of the composition.  

Art deco maiden adds visual interest to vignette of containers.


We are always happy to see our products used so well.  We hope this will inspire another gardener in the  creation of his or her oasis.


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