It is gratifying to see the appearance of a patio or garden improve to the point of being delightful to the owners.   After all, that’s our mission, to beautify the world one garden at a time!  We have recently begun to archive our consultations since we have begun our blog.  As time permits, we can research our photo libraries and create a library of consultations.

This couple was referred to us by another customer.  Beginning at the entry, they wanted a pair of urns that would fit by their front door and complement the door and the color of the brick.

Front Entry Before Containers

The customer was able to find pretty Caladiums and enjoyed planting them herself.

Entry After Containers Delivered and Planted

We suggested moving the wicker bench and removing the large wreath.   The entry now looks cleaner and more elegant.

Moving on to the back patio, they wanted to soften the area’s hard appearance and add more interest.

We recommended adding four large containers to hold large tropical plants that would thrive in the hot shade and give a soft appearance and movement in the breeze.  Tropicals would repeat a theme from the adjacent screened porch.

BEFORE, back patio left center

Then, they chose the containers we recommended.  The containers were delivered, then carefully planted by the customer.  She did a great job of finding the proper plants and planting them in the containers.  We had also suggested more softness and visual interest  by adding several color compatible outdoor pillows in the chaise lounges.

AFTER: with soft tropicla plants and pillows.

The patio dining set looked a little dull without an outdoor rug underneath.

BEFORE Table on concrete

The rug made a big difference; They now want another for the other side of the patio.

AFTER: Dining Set With Outdoor Rug

The patio is much more finished in appearance and they enjoy it and are proud of what they now have.  They plan to add a different  rug to the left corner under the round table, and perhaps a piece of outdoor art over the console.   It is helpful to have a plan and a budget.


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