Helen’s Patio – A New Rendition

Patio left of back door.


Our customer Helen asked us to help her redesign and refresh her patio and back garden.  She knew that she wanted to keep her patio furniture;  she just knew she didn’t like her patio the way it was.   A family get together was approaching this summer and they might put their house up for sale in the future, so the renovation was necessary and timely.   We suggested, as we often do, that she remove everything from the patio and replace some items one at a time with careful purpose.  We asked her to balance some items with  features of her home, such as lining up containers either between or in front of windows.  Our suggestions were made with the consideration that the new accessories might someday have to work in a different home.  

Looking North from the patio.


She chose black and white with lime green and a touch of red in the geranium pillows to echo the red in the geraniums and hibiscus in her containers.   New cushions in her chosen accent color were made for the existing furniture.    We helped her find huge geranium hanging basket plantings to fill her planters.   We tightened the seating area, positioning the furniture in a conversation group that made sense.   Adding an outdoor rug pulled it all together.   

Helen's new sophisticated seating area.


Seating area view 2.


  She wanted to add a bird bath and a fountain as well.    After the fountain has been delivered, we will include in them in her photo gallery.


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