This Trial Butterfly Garden

Rudbeckia seedlings thriving.

This spring I fell victim to a seed catalog and ordered a seed packet that contained a ridiculous measure of 60,000 songbird and butterfly garden flower seeds.  I gave half to Christy and spread half of the songbird mix around the duck pond, leaving me a measly 15,000.  I spread them throughout my regular flower bed that is normally very orderly, usually planted in groups of like varieties and color coördinated.   It has interested me to watch all the tiny, some unrecognizable, seedlings come up and start to bloom.

Now the perennial Echinacea, Tansy, Veronicas, and Salvias have Black Eyed Susans,

A Butterfly has found a Coneflower.

giant sunflowers, younger Echinacea and something that looks like Clover starting to bloom and butterflies are beginning to find them, hopefully more and more will find them in the coming weeks.

For next year, I think I will try to organize them into small drifts; supposedly the butterflies like that.
I bought this small bronze hummingbird on a wand at the Shidoni Foundry in Santa Fe; it makes me smile every time I see it floating amid my lavender and pink Scabiosas.  Moral: if you like something and visualize yourself enjoying it, get it!

Bronze Hummingbird Soars Over Scabiosa Bed


One response to “This Trial Butterfly Garden

  1. Here’s to butterfly excesses! You can never have too many butterflies……

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