Knee Deep in Cats

It all started when one little black kitten dashed across our store patio; it was only five or six weeks old, too young to be on his own in the world.    Our customer, Nita Wright, tried to help us catch him/her but to no avail, he/she was very quick and not very tame (at all).  Soon after, we saw blackie with a friend or sibling.  We were eager to help them become pampered kittens, so we borrowed a safe trap from a family member and started trapping kittens right there on the store patio.    They were hungry so they were easy to catch, one or two a day!  Pretty soon we had five kittens loose in a studio in the back of the shop.   Then we caught a couple of adult females; they were not loose, but each was housed in her own cage with food and water and litter box.   In the meantime, we had been in contact with the Humane Society and were approved to be neighborhood colony managers which allows you to take your captives to a nice clinic where they are neutered and given rabies shots free of charge in return for your commitment to then release them back into the neighborhood and feed, water, and shelter these cats forever after.  The great thing is that no other cats will move in and there will be many less mice and other crawly things around because of these capable felines.  They can’t spread disease and can’t reproduce.

It was fun to have the kittens for a while; not so much fun to have the adults — they weren’t very appreciative.   The following are pictures of Christy ” fishing for kittens “.


2 responses to “Knee Deep in Cats

  1. precious pictures and thank you for taking them in.

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