Discoveries from the Fall Garden

Many people say fall is their favorite season; not surprising since the weather is cooler and that is a welcome change.  The fall light changes the appearance of the entire garden; the sun’s rays shining from a lower angle can give certain foliage a radiant appearance and with the changing leaves, we are treated to a show of color.

Wanting to document a few highlights before autumn vanishes in an abrupt way, we poked around in our gardens and in our customers Linda and Robert’s garden for some fall vignettes.

The little waterfall still trickling into the water lettuce, next to the overly agressive sweet potato vine; where are the fish….

This cherished impruneta terra-cotta bird bath will probably come in for the winter; hurriedly in a storm of sleet, no doubt.   A portion of each Nandina is exquisitely colorful while the rest is unchanged.  I’m not sure how that happens, but I will try to find out.

Linda and Robert had just removed fall flowers andreplaced container plantings with boxwood for the winter.   The white pumpkins  coördinate well with the grey cast stone containers and statuary.

A newly planted grove of crape myrtles makes a perfect frame for the vignette in the foreground with the resting frog on the bench and mushrooms, while pinpointing the container planting and seated girl in the background.

Double points!

Recent arrivals in the back garden, the Bunny family becomes part of an important focal point.   It is always inspiring to visit this garden in each season, because at every turn there is a clever vignette and the seasonal plant materials present the garden accessories differently, always changing.

 This is one of my favorite vignettes: the rabbits and the cabbage barely visible in the monkey grass.

Last but not least, a simple pastel terra-cotta pot full of succulents.  Perfect color echos; that is something I always appreciate finding.

Hope these images give you some inspiration!


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