Winter’s Blast

This is Tuesday, February 1, 2011, and in Oklahoma City we are experiencing north winds at 50 m.p.h. blowing snow and temperatures under 20 degrees: an unfriendly day to be outside.  If I were our mail carrier, I would have called in sick for several days.  Even if you were expecting something important, what could you possibly do with it today anyway?  Virtually everything is closed.   This is reminiscent of the supposed 100 year storm of Christmas Eve day, 2009, except it is only 2011 and we’re having it again.   Attached are the few photos that could be taken from indoors (I’m not going out  there, forget about it!)  All morning since dawn’s early light, television weather personalities that are out in it have said they have on 5 pairs of pants, 3 coats, and 2 hats, and they’re still cold.

It would be lovely to include some stunning garden shots, some gorgeous, artistic, partially snow covered garden statuary or ice encrusted branches, but that would involve actually going outdoors and risking frostbite.   These will have to suffice for now.

First, it is interesting to note that three days ago, Saturday, January 29, 2011, it was a calm 70+ degrees and we opened the front of the store.   Yesterday, knowing that they were going to be housebound for a few days, customers came in to get a brief garden fix.  Today no one, including us, can even get to the store.

Hot cocoa, anyone?  Here, let me just brush off a little of this snow…there is a very pretty outdoor rug underneath there, trust me.

I wonder where the birds are and the ducks and geese at the pond. ..under some evergreens, I hope.   They always seem to know how to survive.

I haven’t yet followed my  advice about trimming the Wisteria, but it will receive a proper haircut soon if it survives this unusually brutal cold.

Best of luck to the birds and animals, plants, and gardeners.   Think April.


One response to “Winter’s Blast

  1. Loved it! Beautiful pics even from inside!

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