Now Where Did I Put Those Crocus?

Here we go again.  Sure, plenty of places receive abundant snowfall in blizzard form or Nor’easter’s as they say up there and it hangs around for months piling up on the sides of the roads, like it is here.  It’s just that usually, or what used to be usually, we don’t get that much snow, maybe a light dusting once a winter.  There have been winters when I never wore a heavy coat.  But, here we go again.  More opportunities for pretty pictures of statuary under snow, branches bending under the weight of snow, and icicles hanging graciously from  roofs like jewelry.  I never finished posting the photos from last week.   The patio furniture had a puffy cushion of the white stuff.     Overnight it compressed and the next

morning I noticed a snow ribbon that had gracefully slid off to the side of the chair rail still intact. That made me curious as to whether I could find more snow ops.  Almost immediately the bark of this Sycamore caught my eye; its small curls caught snow up and down the trunk. 

This snow-covered toad chapel reminded me of a tiny village church somewhere in the Alps.

    By then, my feet were feeling the cold.  The boots are cute, but not well insulated.  Tomorrow is another day and more you know what!


One response to “Now Where Did I Put Those Crocus?

  1. Thxs 4 the cute pics! I love your Newsletters and I love coming in the store!!!!

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