Winter To Do’s Done!

We also suggested cleaning garden tools and protecting them with linseed oil.  Having a few extra minutes on a day with an approaching blizzard, I brought out my favorite tools that I use every time I garden.

I had used my tub trug to clean out my pond just days before; it was disgusting.   It eventually came clean and after filling it with soapy water, I began to scrub the dirt caked tools with a green scrubby, alternating with a fine steel wool pad.

 I could not believe I actually put my tools away in such bad condition, but they were starting to shine.   The sap groove on the Felcos became visible again.  I love these pruners; they are at least 12 years old .  Using the right tools makes for a healthy garden, its true.  And it makes for a happy gardener, too.

After struggling for 5 minutes to open the childproof cap on the Linseed Oil, I rubbed everything down with the very aromatic stuff.   Use in a well ventilated area.  The Joyce Chens and Felcos open and close like they have been buttered.  This process really didn’t take more than 20 minutes; now they are ready to use and what a pleasure it will be.  I can’t wait.


One response to “Winter To Do’s Done!

  1. I’m so impressed with how well you take care of your tools…..and to have a pair of Felcro pruners for 12 years…..well, Miraculous!

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