Winter To Do’s Getting Done!

Following our own suggested February To Do List, we got out our John Scheepers seed catalog.  These are among Christy’s choices:

Chioggia beets (see photo) are very pretty red and white, they don’t stain like red and red beets.  They are sweet and their greens are delicious sauteed with onions, garlic, and butter.  They’re good for you, too.

The baby leaf salad mixture has been easy to grow and very tasty!  Last spring I planted them too close together so I thinned them and made a salad as I went.  This mixture, with its diverse colors and textures, makes a beautiful plate.

While on our buying trip in Pennsylvania last summer, we stopped at Terrain at Styers, an upscale garden shop and gourmet cafe.   In one of their displays of plants, I fell in LOVE with their display of Eucomis, but it would have been difficult to bring it back on the plane.  When we received our Bustani Plant Farm catalog, I found they are offering the variety Tugela Ruba.  It is with great certainty that I say I will be among the first in line when they open in April to get mine along with another Bowtie Vine that was a lot of fun to have last summer.  I am also anxiously waiting to see if the iris I bought at Stout’s Dancingtree Garden will bloom this spring.  So much to look forward to!

My mistakes last year:  I bought a low growing variety of Lantana and it did not attract hummingbirds.  However I divided and expanded my iris plants, so I may keep expanding my flower beds to have the larger Lantana behind my fountain.  That should make those darling hummingbirds happy and I want them back!


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