Aaah, Spring…

A couple of weeks ago, it felt like spring was going to slip through our gardeners’ clutching fingers, but instead it retreated back into below 50 degree days and nights in the mid-30’s, refreshing the tulips and gardeners.   Now, if we could get a little rain, she said, whispering so the bad weather gods wouldn’t hear, overreact and drench us for two weeks.

Back in mid-February I realized I had not pruned the wisteria in the garden, so I spent several days reducing its size.  It looked ridiculous without its leaves, a little like Stan Laurel had missed his haircut for a couple of years.  I trudged out for this necessary but unwanted job armed for every possible situation with my trusty pink tub trug, saw, telescoping loppers, and Felco pruners.   The branches were a long tangled mess.

I sawed and trimmed carefully for several hours over a three-day period until it was diminished  evenly and its 30′ strands were pulled out of every nearby tree and shrub.    The tub trug was filled and emptied dozens of times and I filled up both big trash containers on wheels.    And then I waited and watched, slightly concerned that I could have actually killed it.  naaah.

On a “give myself a little gift of a 10 minute garden tour” after work a few days ago, I found some healthy blooms and they do smell delicious; just the beginning of spring in this garden.   Frequently there is a late freeze and it is such a worry that these gorgeous blooms will be ruined, but it hasn’t actually happened yet and it doesn’t seem likely now.


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