Buying Trip Plus Plus

Stacy and Christy by Wiggles and Giggles.

As we mentioned in our July 2011 newsletter, we were going to Campania in Pennsylvania on a buying trip with a quick stop in NYC.  Upon arriving at Laguardia, we met our rep, Maribeth, and made our way outside to find Christy’s cousin Stacy.   We found her, tossed our bags into her car and away we went.  First stop was her new business, Wiggles and Giggles, a darling mommy and young child exercise playhouse in Manhattan.  It is at the end of a street that borders the river with the George Washington Bridge above as you can see in the photo.

From there, we took the subway to the West Side and lunch.   A NYC customer recommended a few restaurants and the Peruvian one sounded interesting.  It was so lovely temperature wise that we decided to eat alfresco.  There were 5 of us and we think that we gave others the idea, because soon their outdoor patio was full of diners.  We ate leisurely, staying for more than an hour and the food was abundant and very good.  But we couldn’t stay there all day, so we went sight-seeing.  We had been to NYC before, but not in this exact area.  We found a garden store at my request, then  shopped for clothes, and stopped in to see the magnificent interior of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the way to Rockefeller Plaza.  I just wanted to see where the Today Show,  my favorite morning TV show, is produced.  That done, it was getting late and we had to move on to Pennsylvania.

I'm relaxed.

We always stay at Bear Creek, a nice ski resort near Pennsburg.  It is peaceful and quiet, not very crowded during the summer months.  Monday morning, Christy and I had breakfast by the pool while waiting for Maribeth.   It was warm, but not too warm, just right.

We made it to the Campania factory in 20 minutes and proceeded to their research and development lot to look for unique buys.   We found twice as many as before; success!   We stopped for lunch and then went to the showroom to see all the new products.   So much to see and to like, we were overwhelmed.   We went out to dinner with Maribeth and Glenn and then off to sleep before our garden tours the next morning.

Peter's pool.

There’s nothing like prowling around a gorgeous garden to make an avid gardener become even more avid.   Peter, the Vice President and Creative Director of Campania (his late father founded the company) took us to his home and park like garden in Chestnut Hill.   The home was magnificent and so were the grounds.   His home was built during the 1930’s, on a hill, so the property is on three levels.   High rock walls provide support and serve as a home for moss and

Back garden wall on second level.

hundreds of small ferns and flowers.   I told him I had moss envy, which I did, as well as fern envy and very tall tree envy, let alone cool weather envy in a township too cute for words.    Rocks, moss, and ferns everywhere, just delightful.  This garden backs up to a large park; it feels very much like a park.  He said he spent 12 hours on Sunday maintaining and weeding.  Not really a problem; I would do it.  The property goes on

Back garden meadow.

and on, beautiful and serene.

Unbelievable.  Here comes the moss envy.   I kept lagging behind, looking for the best vignettes; it was making me crazy, all the vignettes were wonderful.  I was hoping my batteries would withstand all the activity.


Down to the lower level

Now we’re going down a staircase just to the right of the meadow above. This is a very steep staircase.   What great exercise, but not with bags of clippings or mulch.

A grand vista.

This is a grand, impressive view.   Very few if any properties like it elsewhere.

An interesting window.

The view from this upstairs window in a study is lovely, looking over the grounds and the carriage house.  the loggia is just below.

The loggia.

For us, this was an impressive beginning of a day of private garden visits.  Thank you for coming along.  We will create a new post to hold the images of the gardens of Nina and Susan, Peter’s friends.  You’re invited.


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