Replaced Puny Plants at Bustani

Well, if this summer was any indication, there is no point of buying any garden plant that is not an Oklahoma native perennial.  We are now officially hooked on Bustani Plant Farm.  Today was its first open fall sale day and we were the first ones there.  To be honest, we had in mind to get there, buy what we “needed”, and get back to open the store by 10:30.  It is a 45 minute drive and we took a lot longer than we projected to look at the plants, decide what we wanted, go outside to view the demonstration gardens, and go back in to get one more plant.

First you have to browse.  We were familiar with most plants, but you still have to look, admire, and  consider where you really should plant each one.

So many to consider, even if you know what you want.

   We  had looked at the website the night before and made a list of the plants we should get.    Even if you know what you want, there are so many other possibilities to look at and some look better than you though thtey would.

Maybe just one more toad lily, what could it hurt?

These are native Oklahoma perennials JUST FOR FALL PLANTING

Baby plants are on the ends of the branches; they touch the ground and root.

A very large Pineapple Lily; very cool.

This is an amazing color. A climbing vine on an arbor.
I like this Rue, it has cute leaves, a nice form, low water requirements.

Not sure of name or species but it is lovely.

Jack in the Beanstalk vine; is there any question?

Some very large plants; one has a bud.


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