We’re Talking Trash

What is the weight of 25 pallets of cast stone and glazed terra-cotta garden ornaments?  More than 22,000 pounds.  A week or two ago we received a warehouse full of wonderful, absolutely gorgeous fountains, containers, benches, and statuary from Campania.  Those wonderful pieces were packed in hundreds of used burlap bags that had previously held coffee beans and cocoa beans from all countries around the world.   It is sort of fun to notice the various logo art that is printed on some of the bags from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia,  Nicaragua, Viet Nam, and more.  But after picking up 50 or so, the attraction wanes and the dust makes your allergies flare up.

We hired four young, strong men to unload the pallets and they stacked the burlap bag packing material in several mountainous piles.   We called out the sales rep for the dumpster company to tell us how to get rid of the bulk as quickly as possible.  A 30′ L x 8’W x 6’H dumpster was recommended and it was right on target.  Christy, Rindy, and I worked for two days piling burlap bags into the dumpster.

This is just the beginning.

We kept in mind the reward would be a trash free warehouse with a lot more room.   A hoarder I’m not;  I am well-known for my propensity to throw away things, so now was my chance!  Still it made sense to get rid of the flat burlap bags first and stack bulky things on top.  The stack continued to grow.

The size of this dumpster is unreal.

We could only imagine the icky things that had filled this dumpster before and we didn’t want to touch anything inside, so we lined the floor with burlap bags and tried not to touch the sides at all.   And then, late on the second day, it was full!   We weren’t strong enough to toss the used pallets on the top, so the guys had to come back to top it off.   We won’t have to do that again for a while!  And now for a few sessions with the deep tissue massage therapist.

Not my idea of fun.

Now the plan is to turn the warehouse into a warehouse showroom with a working fountain section, cast stone and glazed terra-cotta container sections organized by size and color palette, to help customers most easily find the garden accents that will complement their homes and gardens.

Soon it will be organized.

It’s like a puzzle; a big, heavy, puzzle!


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