Garden Armor

Until we found Weeder Gloves, we really didn’t like to wear gloves while gardening; they were too bulky and clumsy and hot.  Weeder Gloves changed our minds.  They are sensitive enough that while wearing them you can pick up a dime; you can feel what you’re doing with small tender plants.  We have customers that make their living bundling vegetables and they won’t wear anything else.   They are porous, so they breathe, making them very comfortable to wear even in the summer.  Moisture will get through but not dirt.  And they come in green, pink, and lovely lavender so you can garden in your favorite color!  Their  cousins, the Cool Grips, are even lighter weight making them great for hot summers in Oklahoma.

We love the Rose Pros gloves.  If you have roses, you know how their thorns will scratch and stick you no matter how careful you are.  This year the Rose Pros have been redesigned to be even MORE comfy and they were already fabulous.  The stitching is now on the outside for a smoother inside surface.  These pure cowhide leather gloves with suede gauntlet are a must for pruning roses or anything else stickery.  It is amazing that something so soft can act as such a protective armor.  The gauntlet comes almost to the elbow, enabling gardeners to reach into rose bushes to collect trimmed canes.  For anyone allergic to roses, these gloves guard against painful scratches.  Speaking from experience, you will love these gloves; they are amazing!!

The one size fits all Floral Infusion gloves are ideal for everyday gardening: potting, weeding, pruning, and watering.  These brightly colored gloves look like a beautiful watercolor image and they are fun to wear, rather glamorous while protecting your hands.  Their fingertips are double dipped to help prevent wear- through.  All gardeners need gloves, and these make a wonderful gift that will be used.

It would be hard to find a softer garden glove than the Bamboo Fit.  Made from bamboo, they delight even those who hate to wear gloves.  This renewable material easily wicks away moisture from your hands, is light weight and cool and is easy to wear during hours of gardening.   As with most of our gloves, they are machine washable.  They are available in green or blue in small, medium, and large.   You will be happy that you treated yourself to a pair of these gloves.

We also carry Wonder Gloves for very wet and muddy work and Tool Grips for heavy-duty gardening tasks.   We also carry size XL gloves for men.  We own or have owned every one of these gloves and we use every one of them whether at home in the garden or at the store.   Try any of them, you’ll like them too!


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