November in the Garden: Planning for Next Year

This summer’s intolerable heat and lack of adequate rain has changed the way we will plant our gardens from now on.   My new mantra is “Plant more of what didn’t die last summer.”   We made a fall expedition to Bustani Plant Farm in Stillwater to find some Oklahoma native perennials that should thrive more easily and have some of the same visual appeal as the plants that didn’t make it.

The blossoms look like small wisteria flowers.

I found this Pink Chinese Indigo that can reach a 3′ x 3′ size.  It should be drought tolerant once it is established.  This does not look like a plant you would find out in the Oklahoma wilds, but it is.

Pineapple Lily

Christy loves lilies.  She had found a Pineapple Lily in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago and couldn’t manage it on the plane so she was thrilled when Bustani had them for sale.  Their appearance is so exotic, it doesn’t seem possible for them to be perennial, but it is true. This is a great plant to add for a contrast to other leaf textures.

Light blue flowers.

We both bought Amsonia Hubrichti, last year’s Perennial of the Year and a native of Oklahoma and Arkansas.  This is a well-kept secret.  They have very pretty light blue flowers and reach a size of 3′ x 3′.   The foliage is feathery and will move in the breeze for even more added interest.  What a great plant!

Gorgeous setting.

The Gibraltar Bush Clover has awesome possibility.  It bloomed as soon as I planted it behind my little pond.  It has the potential to reach 40″ H by 60″ wide and wouldn’t that be spectacular.  If it reaches that size, it will engulf the pond, but I’ll deal with it if that happens.

These are just a few of the very pretty and tough enough to take our weather plants from Bustani that we are trying.  They may help us even the odds against our summers.


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