San Francisco’s Flora Grubb

We never pass up a chance to visit a garden or garden store when travelling, but an up close and personal visit to Flora Grubb’s indoor/outdoor paradise was on the agenda for a year since happening upon her website.  She designed or developed the vertical succulent garden that is ideal for office buildings, courtyards, and home gardens that can benefit from gardens that take up no horizontal space.  The visual impact of the different interwoven succulent varieties is literally art.

Succulents are an important part of the design work and identity of Flora Grubb Studio, however there is so much more.  As you enter the outdoor part of the facility, this gigantic woven metal head sculpture definitely works as an eye-catching focal point.  This would be fantastic with night lighting in a large garden.  I am curious to know if it has a back door, how much it weighs, the cost, what it would cost to ship, and how it was transported and placed where it now rests.


Not as dramatic in size as the giant head sculpture, but impressive for its design, detail, and textures, the screen created of repurposed materials is quite beautiful.

With its sunburst design and weathered rustic features, it would enhance nearly any garden setting.

The palm frond shadows add another natural design element to the already beautiful screen.

Flora Grubb features a larger inventory of French bistro garden furniture than do we.  San Francisco Bay Area people generally have smaller outdoor gardens and entertaining spaces, making the folding capability and variety of bold colors desirable to them.  It was reinforcing for us to see a chic San Francisco garden accessories business stocking so many of the beautiful, sturdy, functional pieces. Notice the wall of Staghorn Ferns on plaques, a whimsical takeoff on the den wall of Stags’ Heads on plaques.

Another nearby vignette features a set of bistro furniture in floral colors amid the plants and mint green glazed containers.  Architectural doors propped against the colorful stucco wall add richness and vertical interest.

Outdoors in front of the studio area, a number of large horse troughs are arranged in a variety of patterns, some upside down to be used as display tables.  This large oval trough holds a large lady bug sculpture and a selection of salad bowls comprised of a variety of lettuces.

Flora Grubb is also known for the variety of ways she and her staff display “airplants”, those spidery looking plants that can survive hanging from a string or balancing on an airy holder that screws into most any wall with seemingly no source of food or water.   Notice the beautiful purple wall as a display backdrop for a handful of these plants.   The window came from an architectural antique source and is a very effective decorative element.


This large aqua container is planted with a variegated plant material perfectly suited to the container’s color.   It is visually soothing and beautiful.

It is a simple pot, but it’s size makes it striking and very special.  When the plants grow a little more and trail farther down the side, it will be a gorgeous effect.

I snapped a quick shot of a collection of orange containers as we left.  This is one of the great things about California, their design flair and love of color.  I often think that Oklahomans are much too timid in their home decor and we could benefit from some updating to keep things fresh.

Flora Grubb Studio is color, form, repurposing materials to add useful design elements to the home and garden, and comfortable, stylish living.  I’m inspired.


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