Come With Us to Suzi’s Studio

It has been about 20 years since my first purchase of a beautiful ceramic cake stand by Suzi Swinford and I still love it and use it every time I serve cake.  So, when she came to our store and purchased a fountain for her studio on the advice of the feng shui expert and invited us to come see her studio, I was eager to accept the invitation and see what I was certain would be the fabulous finds within.  A couple of days later, we were ringing her doorbell.  All we had to do was step outside the back door and we were enthralled.Image

As you can see, the studio is a small, charming English cottage type structure that most women would kill for.   Tasteful, whimsical charm abounds, with the word SMILE placed strategically several times so you will really remember to smile.  If you could be around all this ceramic beauty and not smile, you are a stronger person than I.  The fountain she purchased from us is perfect for her space, small and zenlike.Image

Our eyes were bombarded with so much color and beauty, it was difficult to concentrate, but I don’t know why we would want to concentrate.  Like bees, we went from one flower to the next, unable to decide which was our favorite.Image

On the first floor, the workroom, the kiln was hidden behind two sliding wood “barn doors”.  Big fresh sunflowers were moved from one beautiful vase to another; very provencal.  Dimensional ceramic poppies adorned the walls; shelves held some lovely completed pieces, while a large bowl with at least six large roses sat waiting for its glaze and the kiln.  Suzi was very philosophical about its fate–it might not survive the kiln, if that happens, you just start over.  Even the back panels of the staircase held beautifully painted tiles to entice you to ascend!Image

On the second level, shelves and tables held perhaps hundreds of colorful vases, bowls, plates, flowers, we were artistically overstimulated.  Image


Finally we each made a selection as a souvenier of our visit.  We did not “need” anything, but everything was so pretty and well made.   Buying a beautiful piece of art is a wonderful way to start a day.


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