All About Orchids

Having one orchid still alive after more than one year in my care is an accomplishment but does not make me an authority.  We have been told that it really isn’t that difficult, but an orchid dealer was the one who told us that, so that’s his story.  We accidentally found an orchid enthusiast, an expert compared to most, as we did a garden/patio consultation for her.  She has a home and greenhouse full of orchids that are more than a week old and thriving; she is a member of the OKC Orchid Society. Again, we were told that growing orchids is not terribly difficult, if you know what you’re doing.  She invited us to attend their orchid show at the Will Rogers Garden Center on Mother’s Day.  There were some amazing orchids on display.


Awards were many and well deserved.  It was confusing to see so many beautiful plants all in one room, table after table, and we did not stop to record the name of each, somewhat regrettable, but the images are my favorite part.


Some looked like alien creatures, others like insects, the variety was truly amazing.


Orchids are an exercise in patience and the flower is the reward.Image

This is the beginning of an orchid addiction.  Some things are just inevitable.


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