One Garden at a Time

In a weak moment years and years ago, and we have had many weak moments, we said that we would tell a customer where to put her furniture and pots on her patio.  Then we agreed to plant someone else’s pots and that was the beginning of our consultation service.   It can be hard work as the weather warms up and stressful in that you might want a certain type of plant and a flourishing example of that plant is nowhere to be found or at least not in just one place.  However hard the work may be, we appreciate the new and long-lasting friendships that are made through gardens.

This particular consultation, as more often than not, came about because there was a party in the offing.  There’s nothing like a party to spur on improvements to home and garden.

This family had recently moved in to their new home.  Some areas were complete; the back entrance and the pool patio needed some more visual interest and the softness of plants.  The home is large and constructed of stone; we chose to use large cast stone planters in a finish that would complement the color of the stone.  The back entrance was bare.


We chose cast stone planters in a finish that complements the stone.  For the sake of continuity, we used plants that generally repeated plantings already existing in large urns on the front porch.  When the plants mature, they will fill in this space perfectly.


The pool patio, where the party would be centered, needed a few more points of interest and softening provided by plants, especially this blank space on the east facing wall.


We selected a companion to the container on the back entry landing.  The east facing covered and sheltered area was perfect for lush tropicals that would give vertical movement in the breezes.  The plants should thrive there and fill in the space nicely.


About 15 feet away in an outdoor niche visible from their kitchen sink,  we installed a heavy cast stone console table accessorized by a large cast stone book and a good-sized table lamp with a traditional cast stone finial base.  We finished planting in the afternoon two days before the party; it rained the next day, but cleared before their party.  The evening was cool and clear, perfect for being outdoors.


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