Beautiful Outdoor Furniture From Beautiful Outdoor Fabric

Every week we help people find new Sunbrella fabrics for their outdoor (or indoor for that matter) furniture.  It is so interesting to see what fabrics each person chooses and how the fabrics look when combined as a finished product.

Cecelia who works parttime with us chose Callaway Citrus with Plaza Straw as the contrasting cording for four outdoor dining chairs.   Even we were somewhat surprised  at just how darling these cushions were going to turn out.

A few days later a customer from Enid came in to find new fabrics to renew and refresh the look of her patio furniture:  a double chaise, two single chaise lounges, lounge chairs and dining chairs, 25 cushions in all.  She borrowed the books and several waterfalls, which is why we have them, to help visualize how the actual fabric would look in place with her home’s brickwork and surroundings.  She chose Richland Bark for the double chaise cushion, Dimone Flame for the large lounge chair cushions (with a soft ruffle midway around the cushions), Richland Bark for the back cushions of smaller chairs and a textured monotone, Dash Redwood, for the remaining pieces.   They coordinated very well, each complementing the others, but again the final result, the completed pieces were truly stunning.

These chaise lounges are in the Dimone Flame pattern.

The armchair seats are in the Dash Redwood; the back cushion is the Richland Bark pattern.  The double chaise was done with the Richland Bark leaf pattern.  The pieces together looked fabulous.  The customer is using her fabric remnants to have a few throw pillows made.  Good work, all.


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