Chanticleer House and Terraces

Named after the fictional Chanticlere in Thackeray’s 1855 novel The Newcomes, Chanticleer House was built in 1913 by Adolph and Christine Rosengarten as their summer retreat.  Their pharmaceutical company in Philadelphia would become part of Merck.  They gave their children nearby homes as wedding gifts; the daughter’s home serves as the administrative and educational building and the son’s home was on the site that is now the Ruins.   Chanticleer House Garden is massive, but the stunning feature is the abundance of plant material.  It is more than adequately landscaped and the weather in Pennsylvania allows the plant material to thrive; winter is the trickiest weather they have to deal with.   The grounds near the house are a real treat for any gardener or plant collector.  We noticed in the Bustani Plant Farm newsletter that they had recently delivered plants to Chanticleer, so we called and asked about them to see if we could find any while we were there.  We think we found the variegated tapioca and the wooly morning glory.  This group of pictures begins after you go through the entrance, walking up the driveway through the gates with the rooster statuary.  Roosters are found throughout the terraces.


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