Chanticleer: Minder Woods, the Ruin and Gravel Garden

The Minder Woods are the center of Chanticleer; everything emanates from it.  It has many aged spring bulbs and wonderful woody spring shrubs.   As in every spot on the grounds where there is a huge spreading tree, underneath in the shade a pair of chairs waits for someone to sit and admire a view.

The Ruins, established in the footprint of the Rosengartens’ home that was demolished to make more garden space, is patterned after old English ruins.  Stone books and other interesting pieces carved by sculptor Marcia Donahue out of sandstone and green marble are strewn around the “library”. The rugs are gravel with chunks of broken roof tiles creating the S pattern.   A tree grows in and out of a window and as you proceed through the decay becomes more prominent until it ends and you are outside.

Basically a rock garden, The Gravel Garden is open and sunny, with low mounding, herbaceous plants.  Steps take you up to a side garden with a large three cushion stone sofa and a large stone armchair.  Two women were sitting and talking in the sofa so we didn’t want to disturb them, thus there is no photo of the furniture or the women, only this one mounding harbaceous plant.


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