Chanticleer: the Asian Woods

This was among our favorite sections and part of the reason is the restroom.  Before you think that we had drunk too much coffee, it is really because the restrooms, this one in particular, are very beautiful.  Several staff members were sent to Japan to study garden structures prior to this restroom pavilion being built.  They got it right from the surrounding plant materials and trees to the square opaque windows that look like rice paper.  The restroom sign is in Japanese, there is a bonsai dish at the front door; inside it is all reddish-brown wood that looks like teak with white walls and opaque antique white windows.  Once inside I chose the handicapped stall; it was subtly decorated like someone’s Japanese home with four zen-like soft black and white rock garden photographs beautifully framed.  The stall had its own sink, not the ugly utilitarian fixtures that you find at movie theater and airport restrooms.  Its authenticity supported, not detracted from, the surrounding garden.

Bamboo Bridge


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